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AT5G01730 protein group

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Protein AT5G01730
Master Protein AT5G01730.1
Description (curated) SCAR4 Protein SCAR4 (AtSCAR4) (Protein WAVE3)
Calculated MW (PPDB)
Calculated PI (PPDB)
Curated Annotation
Description (curated) SCAR4 Protein SCAR4 (AtSCAR4) (Protein WAVE3)
Function (curated) unknown
Localization (curated) ??
Localization (validated) Yes
Curated Protein Name
Publication (PPDB)
Sequence Monoisotopic mass Retention Time Score Observed MS/MS count
Reference of the experiment Reference date Log Fold Change pValue Curated Protein Complex Classes Differentially distributed proteins high or medium
thylakoïd_sub_compartments 2013-10-01 00:00:00 CEST 0 1 -