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ATCG00580 protein group

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Protein ATCG00580
Master Protein AtCg00580
Description (curated) PSII cytochrome b559. There have been many speculations about the function of Cyt b559, but the most favored at present is that it plays a protective role by acting as an electron acceptor or electron donor under conditions when electron flow through
Calculated MW (PPDB) 9.39
Calculated PI (PPDB) 4.83
Length 83
Curated Annotation
Description (curated) PSBE Cytochrome b559 alpha subunit, chloroplast encoded /
Function (curated) PS PSII
Localization (curated) Ch/Th
Localization (validated) Yes
Curated Protein Name
Publication (PPDB)
Sequence Monoisotopic mass Retention Time Score Observed MS/MS count
SFADIITSIR 1,121.60805 0.50 88.4 55
SGSTGER 692.30890 0.03 42 2
QGIPLITGR 953.56578 0.38 76.9 88
PNEYFTESR 1,141.50397 0.27 66.8 25
Reference of the experiment Reference date Log Fold Change pValue Curated Protein Complex Classes Differentially distributed proteins high or medium
thylakoïd_sub_compartments 2013-10-01 00:00:00 CEST 0.65411 0.14977 -
Reference of the experiment Reference date score % of enveloppe score % of thylakoïd score % of stroma Total spectral count Localization Score
at_chloro_v1 2010 06 4.55 95.45 0 160 THY