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AT1G22780 protein group

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Protein AT1G22780
Master Protein AT1G22780.1
Description (curated) PFL (POINTED FIRST LEAVES); structural constituent of ribosome
Calculated MW (PPDB) 17.54
Calculated PI (PPDB) 10.53
Length 152
Curated Annotation
Description (curated) RPS18A (PFL) 40S ribosomal protein S18 /
Function (curated) translation cytosol
Localization (curated) Ch/E & other
Localization (validated) No
Curated Protein Name
Publication (PPDB)
Sequence Monoisotopic mass Retention Time Score Observed MS/MS count
VLNTNVDGK 958.50832 0.19 37.4 1
SLVANEEFQHILR 1,596.82594 0.48 79.9 3
Reference of the experiment Reference date score % of enveloppe score % of thylakoïd score % of stroma Total spectral count Localization Score
at_chloro_v1 2010 06 100 0 0 4 ENV