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Thylakoid protein groups list (220)

Accession Master Protein Description (curated) Length Localization (curated) Calculated Pi PPDB Calculated MW PPDB Function (putative) MapManBin (PPDB) Localization (TAIR) ChloroP TargetP Curated localization (PPDB) Aramemnon
AT4G09650 AT4G09650.1 ATP synthase delta chain, chloroplast, putative / H(+)-transporting two-sector ATPase, delta (OSCP) subunit, putative 234 Ch/Th & Ch/E 9.04 25.66 PS ATPase 1.1.4 PS.lightreaction.ATP synthase thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid thylakoid-peripheral-stromal-side
AT4G10340 AT4G10340.1 LHCB5 (LIGHT HARVESTING COMPLEX OF PHOTOSYSTEM II 5); chlorophyll binding 280 Ch/Th 5.99 30.15 PS LHCII PS.lightreaction.photosystem II.LHC-II thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) & chloroplast stromal thylakoid & PSII associated light-harvesting complex II plastid plastid thylakoid-integral 2
AT4G12800 AT4G12800.1 PSAL (photosystem I subunit L) 219 Ch/Th 9.85 23.05 PS PSI PS.lightreaction.photosystem I.PSI polypeptide subunits thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid thylakoid-integral 2
AT4G13500 AT4G13500.1 similar to unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] (TAIR:AT2G05310.1); similar to unnamed protein product [Vitis vinifera] (GB:CAO41162.1) 125 Ch/Th 9.06 13.81 unknown 35.2 not assigned.unknown plastid plastid plastid 1
AT4G13670 AT4G13670.1 PTAC5 (PLASTID TRANSCRIPTIONALLY ACTIVE5); heat shock protein binding / unfolded protein binding 387 Ch/E & Ch/Th 4.84 44.02 unknown 26.29* misc.DnaJ domain with unknown function thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) & plastid chromosome plastid plastid plastid nucleoid
AT4G14210 AT4G14210.1 PDS3 (PHYTOENE DESATURASE) 566 Ch/E & Ch/Th 6.07 62.96 metabolism vitamin and pigment secondary metabolism.isoprenoids.carotenoids.phytoene dehydrogenase chloroplast plastid plastid plastid
AT4G20360 AT4G20360.1 AtRABE1b/AtRab8D (Arabidopsis Rab GTPase homolog E1b); translation elongation factor 476 Ch/S & Ch/Th 5.83 51.63 translation stroma / signalling / SNARE effector 29.2.4 protein.synthesis.elongation thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT4G21280 AT4G21280.1 PSBQ/PSBQ-1/PSBQA; calcium ion binding 223 Ch/Th 9.64 23.79 PS PSII OEE PS.lightreaction.photosystem II.PSII polypeptide subunits thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) & thylakoid lumen (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid thylakoid-peripheral-lumenal-side
AT4G22240 AT4G22240.1 plastid-lipid associated protein PAP, putative 310 Ch/Th 5.67 33.65 PAP_fibrillin 26.31* misc.fibrillins thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid plastoglobules
AT4G22890 AT4G22890.1 PGR5-LIKE A 324 Ch/Th 5.2 35.72 PS cyclic electron flows 1.1.40 PS.lightreaction.cyclic electron flow-chlororespiration thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid thylakoid-integral