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Public data retrieved in 2014

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Stroma protein groups list (483)

Accession Master Protein Description (curated) Length Localization (curated) Calculated Pi PPDB Calculated MW PPDB Function (putative) MapManBin (PPDB) Localization (TAIR) ChloroP TargetP Curated localization (PPDB) Aramemnon
AT5G46580 AT5G46580.1 pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat-containing protein 711 Ch/E & Ch/S 8.4 80.88 RNA Binding ? 27.7* RNA.misc.pentatricopeptide (PPR) repeat-containing protein plastid plastid plastid
AT5G47190 AT5G47190.1 ribosomal protein L19 family protein 229 Ch/E & Ch/S 10.06 25.46 translation stroma protein.synthesis.ribosomal protein.prokaryotic.chloroplast.50S subunit.L19 plastid plastid plastid ribosome
AT5G47840 AT5G47840.1 AMK2 (ADENOSINE MONOPHOSPHATE KINASE); adenylate kinase 283 Ch/S 7.1 31.45 metabolism nucleotide 23.4.1 nucleotide metabolism.phosphotransfer and pyrophosphatases.adenylate kinase plastid plastid stroma
AT5G48220 AT5G48220.1 indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase, putative 379 Ch/S 5.78 41.96 metabolism amino acids Tryptophan amino acid metabolism.synthesis.aromatic aa.tryptophan.indole-3-glycerol phosphate synthase plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT5G48300 AT5G48300.1 ADG1 (ADP GLUCOSE PYROPHOSPHORYLASE SMALL SUBUNIT 1); glucose-1-phosphate adenylyltransferase 520 Ch/S 6.12 56.65 metabolism carbon major CHO metabolism.synthesis.starch.AGPase plastid plastid stroma
AT5G48960 AT5G48960.1 5' nucleotidase family protein 642 5.99 72.89 23.2 nucleotide metabolism.degradation undefined Y C plastid stroma
AT5G49030 AT5G49030.1 OVA2 (OVULE ABORTION 2); ATP binding / aminoacyl-tRNA ligase 1,093 6.67 123 29.1.5 protein.aa activation.isoleucine-tRNA ligase chloroplast Y C plastid stroma
AT5G49910 AT5G49910.1 cpHSC70-2 (HEAT SHOCK PROTEIN 70-7); ATP binding / unfolded protein binding 718 Ch/S 5.17 76.99 chaperone and protease 29.6 protein.folding plastid stroma plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT5G49940 AT5G49940.1 NFU2 (NFU domain protein 2) 235 5.28 25.62 29.8.1* protein assembly and cofactor ligation.Fe-S assembly chloroplast Y C plastid stroma
AT5G50250 AT5G50250.1 31 kDa ribonucleoprotein, chloroplast, putative / RNA-binding protein RNP-T, putative / RNA-binding protein 1/2/3, putative / RNA-binding protein cp31, putative 289 4.9 31.87 27.1.5* RNA.editing chloroplast Y C plastid stroma