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Public data retrieved in 2014

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Stroma protein groups list (483)

Accession Master Protein Description (curated) Length Localization (curated) Calculated Pi PPDB Calculated MW PPDB Function (putative) MapManBin (PPDB) Localization (TAIR) ChloroP TargetP Curated localization (PPDB) Aramemnon
AT2G30695 AT2G30695.1 similar to unnamed protein product [Vitis vinifera] (GB:CAO46271.1); contains InterPro domain Trigger factor, ribosome-binding, bacterial; (InterPro:IPR008881) 199 Ch/S 6.32 22.26 unknown 29.6 protein.folding plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT2G30790 AT2G30790.1 PSBP-2 (photosystem II subunit P-2); calcium ion binding 261 Ch/Th/Lum 9 28.18 PS PSII OEE PS.lightreaction.photosystem II.PSII polypeptide subunits chloroplast Y C thylakoid-peripheral-lumenal-side
AT2G31170 AT2G31170.1 tRNA synthetase class I (C) family protein 563 6.75 63.91 29.1.16 protein.aa activation.cysteine-tRNA ligase chloroplast Y C mitochondria; plastid stroma
AT2G31670 AT2G31670.1 similar to unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] (TAIR:AT1G51360.1); similar to unknown [Populus trichocarpa] (GB:ABK93857.1); contains InterPro domain Dimeric alpha-beta barrel (InterPro:IPR011008); contains InterPro domain Stress responsive alpha- 263 6.44 28.86 35.2 not assigned.unknown undefined Y M plastid stroma
AT2G33210 AT2G33210.1 chaperonin, putative 585 Ch/E & other 6.37 61.97 chaperone and protease 29.6 protein.folding undefined M mitochondria
AT2G33450 AT2G33450.1 50S ribosomal protein L28, chloroplast (CL28) 143 Ch/S & Ch/E 11.17 16.03 translation stroma protein.synthesis.ribosomal protein.prokaryotic.chloroplast.50S subunit.L28 plastid plastid plastid ribosome
AT2G33800 AT2G33800.1 ribosomal protein S5 family protein 303 Ch/S & Ch/E & Ch/Th 8.99 32.64 translation stroma protein.synthesis.ribosomal protein.prokaryotic.chloroplast.30S subunit.S5 plastid plastid plastid ribosome
AT2G35040 AT2G35040.1 AICARFT/IMPCHase bienzyme family protein 596 Ch/S 6.45 64.9 metabolism nucleotide nucleotide metabolism.synthesis.purine.AICAR transformylase and IMP synthase plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT2G35410 AT2G35410.1 33 kDa ribonucleoprotein, chloroplast, putative / RNA-binding protein cp33, putative 308 Ch/S 5.55 33.78 RNA binding ? 27.4 RNA.RNA binding plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT2G36250 AT2G36250.1 FTSZ2-1 (FtsZ homolog 2-1); structural molecule 478 Ch/Th & Ch/S 5.55 50.72 plastid division 31.2.5 cell.division.plastid chloroplast stroma & chloroplast plastid plastid stroma