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All protein groups list (1856)

Accession Master Protein Description (curated) Length Localization (curated) Calculated Pi PPDB Calculated MW PPDB Function (putative) MapManBin (PPDB) Localization (TAIR) ChloroP TargetP Curated localization (PPDB) Aramemnon
AT1G58080 AT1G58080.1 ATATP-PRT1 (ATP PHOSPHORIBOSYL TRANSFERASE) 411 6.03 44.55 amino acid metabolism.synthesis.histidine.ATP phosphoribosyl transferase chloroplast Y C -
AT1G58200 AT1G58200.1 MSL3 (MSCS-LIKE 3) 678 Ch/E 8.58 74.19 transporter ion channel 31.2.5 cell.division.plastid undefined envelope 4
AT1G58848 AT1G58848.1 ATP binding / protein binding 1,049 6.85 121.04 20.1 stress.biotic undefined - 2
AT1G60000 AT1G60000.1 29 kDa ribonucleoprotein, chloroplast, putative / RNA-binding protein cp29, putative 258 5.35 28.49 27.4 RNA.RNA binding chloroplast Y C plastid stroma
AT1G61520 AT1G61520.1 LHCA3 (Photosystem I light harvesting complex gene 3); chlorophyll binding 273 Ch/Th 8.61 29.18 PS LHCI PS.lightreaction.photosystem I.LHC-I plastid plastid thylakoid-integral
AT1G62180 AT1G62180.1 APR2 (5'ADENYLYLPHOSPHOSULFATE REDUCTASE 2) 454 6.45 50.65 14.2 S-assimilation.APR chloroplast Y C plastid stroma
AT1G62640 AT1G62640.1 KAS III (3-KETOACYL-ACYL CARRIER PROTEIN SYNTHASE III); 3-oxoacyl-[acyl-carrier-protein] synthase 404 Ch/S 7.05 42.84 metabolism lipid 11.1.3 lipid metabolism.FA synthesis and FA elongation.ketoacyl ACP synthase plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT1G62750 AT1G62750.1 ATSCO1/ATSCO1/CPEF-G/SCO1 (SNOWY COTYLEDON1); translation elongation factor/ translation factor, nucleic acid binding 783 Ch/S 5.43 86.05 translation stroma 29.2.4 protein.synthesis.elongation chloroplast plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT1G62780 AT1G62780.1 similar to hypothetical protein [Vitis vinifera] (GB:CAN83165.1) 237 Ch/S 5.77 27.21 unknown 35.2 not assigned.unknown plastid plastid stroma
AT1G63610 AT1G63610.1 similar to unknown protein [Arabidopsis thaliana] (TAIR:AT2G14910.1); similar to unnamed protein product [Vitis vinifera] (GB:CAO62022.1); similar to unknown [Populus trichocarpa] (GB:ABK95713.1) 340 6.26 37.95 35.2 not assigned.unknown chloroplast Y C -