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All protein groups list (1856)

Accession Master Protein Description (curated) Length Localization (curated) Calculated Pi PPDB Calculated MW PPDB Function (putative) MapManBin (PPDB) Localization (TAIR) ChloroP TargetP Curated localization (PPDB) Aramemnon
AT1G79850 AT1G79850.1 RPS17 (ribosomal protein S17); structural constituent of ribosome 149 Ch/S & Ch/Th & Ch/E 10.57 16.28 translation stroma protein.synthesis.ribosomal protein.prokaryotic.chloroplast.30S subunit.S17 plastid plastid plastid ribosome
AT1G79870 AT1G79870.1 oxidoreductase family protein 313 5.62 34.16 26.1 misc.misc2 undefined -
AT1G80030 AT1G80030.1 DNAJ heat shock protein, putative 500 Ch/E/IM 7.48 53.82 chaperone and protease 26.29* misc.DnaJ domain with unknown function thylakoid membrane (sensu Viridiplantae) plastid plastid thylakoid
AT1G80300 AT1G80300.1 ATNTT1; ATP:ADP antiporter 624 Ch/E/IM 9.39 68.13 transporter ATP/ADP 34.8 transport.metabolite transporters at the envelope membrane plastid plastid envelope-inner-integral 11
AT1G80380 AT1G80380.2 phosphoribulokinase/uridine kinase-related 456 Ch/S 6.71 51.01 metabolism carbon 1.2.7 PS.photorespiration.glycerate kinase plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT1G80480 AT1G80480.1 PTAC17 (PLASTID TRANSCRIPTIONALLY ACTIVE17) 444 Ch/S 5.67 49.48 DNA Binding ? 28.3* DNA.plastid nucleoid interacting plastid chromosome plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT1G80560 AT1G80560.1 3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase, chloroplast, putative 405 5.79 43.37 amino acid metabolism.synthesis.branched chain group.leucine specific.3-isopropylmalate dehydrogenase undefined Y C plastid stroma
AT1G80600 AT1G80600.1 acetylornithine aminotransferase, mitochondrial, putative / acetylornithine transaminase, putative / AOTA, putative / ACOAT, putative 457 6.36 48.82 amino acid metabolism.synthesis.glutamate family.arginine.acetylornithine aminotransferase undefined C plastid stroma
AT2G01140 AT2G01140.1 fructose-bisphosphate aldolase, putative 391 Ch/S & Ch/Th & Ch/E 8.19 42.32 metabolism carbon Calvin cycle 1.3.6 PS.calvin cyle.aldolase mitochondrion plastid plastid plastid
AT2G01320 AT2G01320.1 ABC transporter family protein 725 Ch/E ?? 5.71 78.9 transporter ABC ? 34.16 transport.ABC transporters and multidrug resistance systems plastid 4