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All protein groups list (1856)

Accession Master Protein Description (curated) Length Localization (curated) Calculated Pi PPDB Calculated MW PPDB Function (putative) MapManBin (PPDB) Localization (TAIR) ChloroP TargetP Curated localization (PPDB) Aramemnon
AT2G15620 AT2G15620.1 NIR1 (NITRITE REDUCTASE); ferredoxin-nitrate reductase 586 Ch/S 5.95 65.5 redox 12.1.2 N-metabolism.nitrate metabolism.nitrite reductase mitochondrion plastid plastid plastid stroma
AT2G16070 AT2G16070.2 PDV2 (PLASTID DIVISION2) 224 Ch/E/OM 9.16 24.77 plastid division 31.2.5 cell.division.plastid mitochondrion envelope-outer
AT2G16640 AT2G16640.1 ATTOC132/TOC132 (MULTIMERIC TRANSLOCON COMPLEX IN THE OUTER ENVELOPE MEMBRANE 132); transmembrane receptor 1,206 Ch/E/OM 4.75 132.27 protein targeting Toc 29.3.3 protein.targeting.chloroplast other (e.g. cytoplasm) envelope-outer
AT2G17265 AT2G17265.1 HSK (HOMOSERINE KINASE); homoserine kinase 370 Ch/S 8.51 38.52 metabolism aa Asp amino acid metabolism.synthesis.aspartate family.misc.homoserine.homoserine kinase chloroplast stroma plastid plastid plastid
AT2G17390 AT2G17390.1 AKR2B; protein binding / transcription regulator 344 4.37 36.89 27.3.39 RNA.regulation of transcription.AtSR Transcription Factor family undefined -
AT2G17630 AT2G17630.1 phosphoserine aminotransferase, putative 422 8.26 46.63 amino acid metabolism.synthesis.serine-glycine-cysteine group.serine.phosphoserine aminotransferase chloroplast Y C -
AT2G17695 AT2G17695.1 similar to unnamed protein product [Vitis vinifera] (GB:CAO40657.1) 205 Ch/E ?? 9.2 23.24 unknown 35.2 not assigned.unknown mitochondrion envelope
AT2G18020 AT2G18020.1 EMB2296 (EMBRYO DEFECTIVE 2296); structural constituent of ribosome 258 na 10.91 27.86 translation cytosol Protein.synthesis.ribosomal protein.eukaryotic.60S subunit.L8 cytosolic ribosome (sensu Eukaryota) mitochondrion cytosol
AT2G18710 AT2G18710.1 SCY1 (SECY HOMOLOG 1); P-P-bond-hydrolysis-driven protein transmembrane transporter 551 Ch/Th 9.49 59.49 protein targeting 29.3.3 protein.targeting.chloroplast plastid plastid thylakoid-integral 10
AT2G19940 AT2G19940.1 semialdehyde dehydrogenase family protein 359 Ch/S 6.5 39.6 unknown amino acid metabolism.synthesis.glutamate family.arginine plastid plastid plastid stroma