last update : january 2015

Public data retrieved in 2014

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Plot of % of occurrence in the envelope (ENV (SC); x axis) according to the % of occurence in the stroma (STR (SC); y axis) for selected proteins. The size of the spots is proportional to the number of proteins having the same relative spectral count distribution between envelope, stroma, and thylakoids. Thylakoid proteins can be visualized with coordinates close to (0;0). Data were retrieved from Ferro et al., 2010.

Volcano plot of proteins differentially distributed between grana and stroma-lamellae fractions.
x axis: log2fold change. When this value is negative, proteins are more likely present in the grana fraction. When this value is positive, proteins are more likely present in the stroma-lamellae fraction.
y axis: abs(log(q-Val). When this value is above 3, it is considered that proteins are significantly distributed in one or the other fraction. Data were retrieved from Tomizioli et al., 2014.